Monday, 23 November 2009

Glass and resin book structures

These are some pieces i created at the start of 2nd year in sculpture. I am interested in the notion of a 'book'. I wanted to experiment with materials i hadnt used before such as glass and resin. My inspiration for this project came from old books as they are mundane objects however capture time and memory in each and every page. This lead to my decision of using brown resin for the resin book as i found it had ethemereal qualities and reflects the pages within an old book yellowing as they age.


  1. I can really understand what you mean about the books having captured the past and really like what you have done with them to give the emphasis on the past, by putting dates from the past in them and by using the brown resin gives the books a historical, ageing look. I like how you have put the dates in a old style type of font, as this enhances the 'old' look. Also, by making the book so there are different shades of brown in it, makes it look really torn up and used and as if it is from the past.

  2. The idea of making books out of plastic is so good! and i don't know much about your work, because i never actually seen it, but whatever message u are sending across to the audiences, you have done it in such a creative way. I love it!

  3. I really like this idea! The notion of the past is clear in your work but I also like how you have now "trapped" time in the glass, the paper is sort of saved from the ageing process and becomes an image in its own right!