Thursday, 1 April 2010

13th International Artist's Book Fair, Parkinson Court, Leeds

I recently took part in the Artist's Book Fair held at Leeds University. 5 students including myself represented the School of Design showing work that related to our individual studio practice. Four of the students showed work that they were going to exhibit in their Degree show as they were 3rd years, whereas i showed work that i have created during my 2nd year in the sculpture studio. 
This is the first year that the School of Design have taken part in the Book Fair, however it was a huge success and our work gathered a great deal of interest from the general public and other stalls that took part in the event.

The above Picture shows the location of our School of Design stall. We had a prime spot as it was situated next to the back entrance of the Parkinson Building therefore it was easy to approach with plenty of room for people to stop and view our work.                 

The above image is one of the 5 pieces of work that i exhibited at the Artist's Book Fair and received masses of interest from the public. This maybe because it was very different to the majority of work that was exhibited on other stalls and has a eerie feel to it. Many people were intrigued by it and often asked me what the inspiration for the piece was and why i had decided to create it. My work differed also to the other students from the School of Design who were on my stall as their work was craft based as they had handmade their books very accurately. My work may have been considered more sculptural with the use of materials such as glass, plant foliage, plaster and resin compared to other people who used the expected materials of paper and card to created their book works.

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